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kitchen plumbingIt is really important that your kitchen plumbing is in good shape. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home!  It is really hard to cook for your family and gather together in a kitchen that has leaking plumbing. Sometimes, it is easy to overlook small problems because they take time and money to fix.  But, small problems eventually become big problems.  It is best to maintain your kitchen plumbing before you have a huge problem on your hands.

Did you know that a leaking kitchen faucet can cost you a lot of extra money per month? Most people tend to ignore leaking faucets because they do not seem like that big of a deal. Not only will a leaking faucet cost more but, it can cause hard water, lime, and calcium to build up on and around your faucet. This buildup is not very pretty to look at and is very hard to get off.  In some cases, a leaking faucet can indicate a bigger problem with your pipes.

Leaking pipes in your kitchen can also be a problem for you. If you notice water puddles under your sink or dishwasher, you could have a leak.  It is important to have these leaks checked out because they could become a big problem.  Pooling water can damage your flooring, and it can even warp your cabinets.  Leaking pipes can also create mold and mildew problems, which can make you and your family sick.

If you are experiencing any problems with your kitchen plumbing, On-Deck Plumbing can help! We offer a wide variety of kitchen plumbing services that can make your kitchen like new again.  Call us today and our experienced plumbers will show your kitchen plumbing the love it deserves.