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Drain Cleaning

Over time, many objects can find their way down the drains in your home and create major issues. Because of these potential problems, regularly and thoroughly cleaning your drains is essential to keeping your drains functioning properly. Here are some reasons to make drain cleaning a priority:

  • One of the biggest reasons to keep your drains clear is to prevent clogs and other blockages. This will help water continue to flow quickly and easily through your drain system. Making sure large portions of food, grease, and hair are kept out of your drain is a great way to keep any drain from getting clogged easily.
  • If food and other materials do start to build up in your drain, it can quickly lead to bad odors and a place for bacteria or mold to grow and multiply. Not only do these situations lead to bad smells, but they can also create an unhealthy environment and decrease the quality of the air in your home.
  • Drain cleaning doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. Taking simple steps on a regular basis can help keep your drains open and clean. There are many different drain cleaning solutions and homemade solutions that will clean out your drain and prevent unwanted smells. When you take the time to maintain the drains in your kitchens and bathrooms, you won’t have to deal with broken pipes or large mold problems down the line.

For any other questions or professional help with drain cleaning, make sure to call our team at On-Deck Plumbing.