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Why Do You Need Drain Cleaning?

Not many people enjoy foul odors coming from their sinks, dishwashers, or showers, and most likely, neither do you. Bad smells are only one of the problems that come from delayed drain cleaning. On average, you should have your drains cleaned every other year or so. Otherwise, you might learn the hard way why you really do need drain cleaning.

Drain cleaning is the process that gets out all that gunk and waste that has built up over time in your drains. The more you use your sinks, the more often you’re likely to need cleaning. Some of the stuff that gets stuck in your drains can include grease, soap, food, hair, and maybe even some toys that your kids thought would be fun to stick down there. When all this waste collects and sits there for too long, you’ll start experiencing some problems.

One of the first things you might notice is slow draining. Because of all the waste in the way, the water won’t be able to flow as easily through the pipes. Sometimes the water will even just sit there in the sink or shower because of a clog in the drains, which makes it impossible for the water to drain at all. The combination of all this might emit some odors that can fill your whole house if the problem isn’t fixed.

It’s best to stay on top of drain cleaning and refrain from waiting until more serious problems have begun to pop up. Our team at On-Deck Plumbing is ready to fix your draining problems today!