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Garbage Disposal InstallationIf you are facing yet another garbage disposal installation because you just can’t seem to get one to last, you may need a bit of advice about how garbage disposals work and how to keep them functioning at their best.

The first thing to know is that although they are called “garbage” disposals, this doesn’t mean everything that is garbage should be put through them. There are a few things you should never put down your disposal as well as a few that don’t do these systems any justice. A few of the most notorious things to avoid are grease (including fats and oils), egg shells (the stringy membranes can clog things up), foods with a lot of starch (such as potatoes, pasta, and rice), bones, foods that are stringy or fibrous (such as celery, onion peels, and corn husks), pits, and coffee grounds (they wear out the blades).

The second thing to know is to run the disposal whenever you’ve added something, not wait until you’ve stuffed it with items. In addition, always run cool water while the garbage disposal is running.

Garbage disposal installation is something that can really help the planet and our communities as these systems reduce the waste entering landfills. If you use yours properly, you won’t have as many trips to the garbage can, but can still reduce the number of times you need to call for repair or garbage disposal installation.

When you do need help, however, call us at On-Deck Plumbing. We have 25 years of experience with plumbing emergencies in Polk County, so we are confident we can handle your garbage disposal installation quickly and effectively.