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Bathroom PlumbingThere is nothing wrong with being a DIY homeowner as long as you know your limitations and stay within your comfort zone. There are a number of things that can be going on with your bathroom plumbing that are well within the capability of the typical homeowner. However, if you don’t call a professional for some issues, you could end up making a problem much worse. Here are the dos and don’ts of bathroom plumbing keeping in mind the expertise of the typical homeowner.
Generally speaking, a simple clog is something you can likely handle yourself. Using a plunger on the toilet for that occasional too-full flush and pouring boiling water down the drain each month to prevent buildup are pretty safe bets. Cleaning faucets is another easy task.
If you need to get a wrench out, there is a good chance you are crossing into the realm of “call a professional.” If you start taking apart fixtures and do it the wrong way, you could easily break off a pipe in the wall and end up with a huge water damage situation and a more costly repair overall. If you feel comfortable changing a fixture and the connections are not giving hearty resistance, then by all means engage your DIY passion, but if you are facing something you are unsure about, it is better to call for help. The same holds true with a stubborn clog. If plunging isn’t helping, you could have a more serious situation going on.

When you are feeling uncomfortable tackling your bathroom plumbing issue and want to avoid causing extensive damage, give us a call at On-Deck Plumbing. We’ve served Polk County for 25 years with high quality bathroom plumbing repair services, so you can be assured of a job well done.