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Tankless Water Heater
The energy used by water heaters constitutes 30% of an average home electricity bill. This is why many home owners are converting to environmental friendly and energy efficient tank less water heaters. If the term tank less water heater is unknown to you, read through this guide to get the basic knowledge about the structure, installation, repair and maintenance of tank less water heaters. There are several companies in Lakeland, Florida that provide services for tank-less water heaters.

First of all, let us review the pros and cons of the tank less water heaters.

There are several advantages of replacing your gas heaters with tank less water heaters. First of all, tank-less water heaters are designed for an efficient supply of water. They use 40% less energy than gas water heaters due to their copper heat exchangers.

Another great advantage of these heaters is that they save energy by heating water only when it is needed. As there is no storage tank, the energy is not wasted by heating and reheating the stored water. This saves energy and lowers utility costs.

Energy conservation makes this a smart investment and can increase your home value. There are a number of sizes available which you can buy based on the size of your home and usage capacity. Tank less water heaters are environmental-friendly (low CO2 emission) and waste less resources as their life span is longer and their individual parts are recyclable. They are flexible as they can be installed in non-conventional spaces and provide maximum output with low energy conservation.

Drawbacks of the Tank-Less Water Heaters

There can be several disadvantages of the tank-less water heater. One of the most common drawbacks is that the flow of hot water is not consistent. Variable water temperatures may be present, if the water heater’s power switch does not ignite properly. It also takes times for a tank-less heater to heat the water.

Furthermore, the cost for installing tank-less water heaters is quite high, ranging from $800 to $1200 which can increase if you are thinking of pairing your water heater with a ventilation system. These water heaters are expensive to purchase, install and maintain. Therefore, you need to carefully consider all the options before buying it.

How Do They Work?

Tank-less water heaters directly heat the water in the pipes without storing the water in a tank. When a hot water tap is opened the water heater is automatically powered on and converts the cold water passing through the pipe to hot water with the use of its copper heating filaments. A tank-less water heater has the ability to provide up to 4 gallons of hot water per minute. However, if you are using a single water heater with multiple outputs, its performance will decrease and stretch its flow rate to a minimum. It is ideal to use one tank-less water heater with one water output.

Installation and Maintenance

There are several companies in Lakeland, Florida that have the technical expertise to provide you with the installation and maintenance services you require. Some of these companies provide a great installation package with yearly maintenance too. Therefore, it is important to perform careful research before hiring a plumbing expert.


A tank-less water heater takes 30-50 % less energy but is costlier than gas water heaters. It can be installed in difficult unconventional places and reduces the cost of maintaining a water storage tank for water heating. However, if you need a continuous supply of hot water, a tank-less water heater can be the perfect solution. Hire a plumber today if you want to install one in your home in Lakeland, Florida.