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we have more than 25 years of commercial plumbing experience in Polk County

The potential for a commercial plumbing issue to derail and disrupt your business makes it one of those things you need to stay on top of, and that means understanding the signs to watch for. If you want to avoid a small problem becoming a larger one, watch for the following signs you need a commercial plumbing professional and call right away rather than wait.

1.   Water Damage– If you see anything that is showing moisture damage, it is best to have the cause found before things get worse. A pinhole leak in commercial plumbing can cause significant water damage over time, and often the small leak will continue getting larger until a burst pipe causes even more water damage.

2.   Excessive Water Bill– Your monthly water bill should stay pretty consistent unless you have a type of business where your water consumption varies widely. If you notice the bill getting larger with no reason for it, you could have a water leak that is going undetected. Rather than face potential water damage and continued high water bills, call a commercial plumbing professional.

3.   Reduced Water Pressure– There isn’t any good reason to experience reduced water pressure. It is rarely to do with factors outside of your building. Instead, it usually means a leak, blockage, or build-up in your building’s water lines.

4.   Drainage Issues– An occasional backup is par for the course for many businesses, but if you’re noticing more frequent backups or slow drains throughout your building, it is time to call a professional to find out what is restricting the water flow.

Here at On-Deck Plumbing, we have more than 25 years of commercial plumbing experience in Polk County. You can be confident that whatever the issue is at your company, our skilled team will diagnose it quickly and provide the repair and other services you need. Call on us for commercial plumbing installation, maintenance, and repair, and we are confident you won’t be disappointed.