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Signs it's Time for Water Heater Repair ServicesA functional water heater is essential for showers, washing dishes, and laundry. If there are times when your water heater is not consistently producing hot water, this is often a sign of a failing component. This is where water heater repair services come in handy. Here are some signs that you need your water heater repaired by a professional.

  • Noise in the tank. As the heater ages, you might start hearing rumbling noises. They often become louder as the water heats up. The commonest cause of noise in a water heater is sediment build-up inside the tank floor. By repairing the water heater in time, we will save you from an unavoidable leak that usually follows.
  • Leakage. An efficient water heater will not leak, so pooling won’t happen around the tank. Contact us to inspect and repair your water heater if you notice a leak. Aging is the commonest cause of such leakages. The heating cycles on the metals cause fractures over time, leading to gaps that lead to leaks. Our team at On-Deck Plumbing has experienced professionals ready to handle such water heater repair tasks to your satisfaction.
  • Rusty water. Failing water heaters will release rust sediments, especially in hot water faucets. It can be hard to tell whether the rust is coming from the pipes, faucets, or water heater. However, rust is inevitable on all steel surfaces that come into regular contact with water. Our honest technicians will come to inspect and identify the cause of the problem.

Call us today for reliable water heater repair services.