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Septic Tank Repair
When a sewerage pipe breaks and your backyard and surrounding area are filled with foul smelling water, you know that your septic system has failed you. A broken sewerage pipe might be costly to repair and replacing the drainfield will take hundreds of dollars.

Your professional plumbing service might then suggest that you change your septic system. Replacing the septic equipment is a big decision that will cost you a lot of money. Therefore, it is important to know a few facts before deciding on how to deal with your septic repair emergency.

Sewage Leakage inside Your Home

If the sewage line breaks inside your house, you will need to call a plumbing company. They will be able to determine the water level and take necessary steps to deal with the problem. If the water level is lower than the septic outlet, the company will suggest that the clogged water pipe should be changed.

If the sewage water level is higher, the problem lies in the septic tank. The tank can be pumped to detect the cause of the flooding. Plumbing companies in Lakeland, Florida can efficiently pump your septic tank without breaking the pipes and take necessary precaution to clean up the mess to prevent contamination and health risks.

Drainfield Saturation and Causes of Failure

If the drainfield becomes soggy after the sewage leakage, you may face situations such as standing water, soil contamination, health risks to your children and pets, and bad odors. The short-term solution to the problem is to stay away from the drainfield and the area surrounding it. However, you have to first contact a company that provide septic repair, to give you a long-term solution. The drainfeild can be replaced to stop clogging and substance accumulation inside the pipes.

How to Fix a Septic Failure

The official website of your local Health Department and State Environmental Agency has a list of licensed companies that can conduct septic repair. You can call them and schedule a visit. Find a company that will provide you with a good annual maintenance package and has a good reputation. If you cannot afford the costly replacement of your septic repair system, the Federal Clean Water Act helps you apply for a low interest loan to finance your septic tank replacement.

What Is Septic System Backup?

A failed septic tank can result in a number of problems ranging from a clogged toilet to a sink back-up. These problems can be dealt with by licensed septic repair and replacement companies in Lakeland, Florida. You should contact the professionals to avoid environmental contamination and any damage to the house.

All of this information can help you determine if your septic tank and drainfield are in good condition. If you see standing water and or slow flushing toilets, you should get your septic systems checked and repaired by a professional. The septic tank wastewater can damage your health by the contamination of ground water, harmful bacteria and viruses. Therefore, get your septic system checked by a professional every 4-5 years even if there are no visible signs of leakage and build-up.