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Repiping Services
Are you thinking of replacing your old sewer and water pipelines before they break? Are frequent breakdowns costing you more and more each time, forcing you to replace them once and for all? If answers to these questions are yes, then all you have to do is call an expert plumbing service in Lakeland, Florida that provides re-piping services and makes your life easier. Damaged pipes put a lot of things at stake such as; the value of your property or the health of the residents, so make sure you make the right choice at the right time.

Which situation calls for re-piping?

When you have to call a plumber on a regular basis to fix a bothersome pipeline, and all of this is weighing on your pockets more than it should, then it’s time you opt for re-piping. It may look like an enormous expenditure in the beginning; however it will be cheaper for you in the long run.

Also for people who live in old homes that have galvanized steel or polybutylene pipes installed in them, getting a re-piping as early as possible, is the most rational decision. Galvanized pipes are those that have iron pipes coded with zinc to shield them from climatic conditions. The iron however, starts to rust when the pipe comes in contact with water and humidity, and the zinc coding starts to wear away.

If you live in Lakeland, Florida, and the pipes at your home are showing the following signs, then call plumbing services that manage re-piping, for a cost-effective process.

Water Pressure

When you take a shower or open the tap, and the pressure of water is really low, it is one of the biggest indicators that re-piping is needed.


As the pipes get older and are used more and more, there comes a time when they start having problems. Initially, everyone deals with these problems through minor repairs; but at some point, the realization does come that it is not beneficial to opt for repairs every time. In such circumstances, re-piping works great.


This is when the pipe starts rusting physically. Re-piping will surely be needed when an expansion takes place throughout the pipe systems because of rusting. When this happens, the water starts to discolor and become rusty or brown with a foul smell.

Types of Re-piping

Plumbers in Lakeland, Florida will survey the situation first, and will then select one of the following types of re-piping for your house:

Copper Piping

Copper piping is expensive but it lasts for a very long period of time. These pipes come with guarantees attached to them by the manufacturers. They can tolerate extreme climatic conditions and also fight corrosion. Therefore, they can be utilized in both, the interior and exterior of the house.

PEX Piping

This one is a cheaper option compared to the first one. These are durable and come in the blue or red body. They are easier to install as they are flexible and last longer. Moreover, the water pressure is higher which saves time as your bath tub will now fill up faster.

Lakeland, Florida has many plumbing services so make sure that you hire an expert plumber who is known for their work in providing re-piping services, and secure your residence.