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Mobile Home Plumbing Repair Services


Mobiles homes are gaining popularity in America due to the growing economic and unemployment problems. This is because they are affordable and save space. However, the smaller they are, the more complicated their plumbing system is. Thus, the bathroom and kitchen fixtures, water supply and drainage system within such homes should only be fitted and maintained by a professional plumber.

There are many plumbing services in Lakeland, Florida that cater to a specialized target market of mobile home owners. You can contact them for repairs or replacement of any part of the water or sewer system in your mobile home. There are also a number of things that you need to know about mobile home plumbing, which will be helpful to mobile home owners or someone who is thinking of buying one.

Plumbing Materials

Most mobile homes face common plumbing problems like water heater failure, leaking pipes and faulty fixtures. As mobile homes are also built with different building criteria, they have varying regulations than regular building plumbing systems.

However, being cost effective, the quality of plumbing material available for mobile homes is often low. This causes the plumbing material to erode rapidly over time. Many mobile homes are also fitted with plastic water pipes which are not very durable. All of these facts cause frequent plumbing problems in mobile homes.

The Location of Pipes

The way pipes are placed within a mobile home, is very different from a conventional home. The walls cannot be used to support the weight of the pipes. Therefore, these pipes are webbed beneath the floors. This does not look very nice but fulfills its purpose. A professional plumber keeps the location of the pipes in mind when doing repairs in a mobile home. Water lines are connected using straight stop valves and sink cabinets are built with enough space in the back for the water pipes.

Water Drainage

The drainage system in a mobile home is very different. The bathroom and kitchen sinks do not have a direct vent. Rather, they have a under the counter vent which doesn’t look very aesthetic but is quite functional. There is ample space under the vent for the water pipes.

Clearing Your Clean-Outs

It can become quite hectic to clear your clean outs as mobile homes do not have kitchen or washing machine clean-outs. This is the reason mobile homes need to have their sewer drain line cleared. Most of the on-site built homes have clean-outs built into their plumbing system.

In contrast to that, mobile homes have no clean-outs and many owners do not acquire the services of professional plumbing services when dealing with plumbing blockages. This causes greater problems in the long run.


In many instances a regular plumber will refuse to work on your mobile home plumbing. This is because of the numerous differences between on-site and mobile homes. It takes great skill and expertise to work on the complex and modern plumbing structure in mobile homes. Fortunately, there are several mobile home plumbing companies in Lakeland, Florida that provide complete installation, repair and mainataince services to mobile home owners at their convenience.