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leaking toiletsLeaking toilets can be a pain. They are also easy to ignore as long as you do not have to clean up puddles of water all the time.  It is important that you get your leaking toilets checked out before they become a huge problem.

Using the toilets in your home accounts for one-fourth of your total water usage every month. This amount will increase significantly if you have a leaking toilet.  A leaking toilet can use up to 300 gallons of extra water per day that you don’t even know about. It wastes water and will end up costing you extra money every month.

It is not always obvious that you have a leaking toilet.  Leaking toilets do not always leak out onto your floor so you can see the water. Toilets can leak in the tank, causing water to constantly be running into the tank. Toilets can also leak at the flush valve, which causes water to leak into the toilet bowl. You will not notice these leaks, but sometimes you can hear the water running.

Toilets can also leak from the pipes. This is hard to detect because it is under your floor or in your walls.  If you notice damp and discolored water spots on the ceiling under where your toilet is located or on a wall connecting to the bathroom, you may have a leaking pipe.  This is important to have checked out because the water leak could cause mold to grow and can make you sick. Leaking pipes can also eventually burst, resulting in a lot of water damage for you to deal with.

If you think you have a leaking toilet, call us at On-Deck Plumbing today. We can help get your toilets in great working order and save you from dealing with water damage and higher water costs.