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Everyone wants to keep their plumbing system up and running because dealing with a repair can be a hassle. To ensure your plumbing system’s longevity and reliability, don’t make these common mistakes:

  • Mistake #1 –If a pipe in your home springs a leak, your first reaction may be to panic. Although a plumbing leak can be concerning, turn off the water in your home before you do anything else. Then, give us a call for help. Not knowing where your home’s main shutoff valve is located is a recipe for disaster, so make sure you locate it and know how to use it before there’s a problem.
  • Mistake #2—Doing major plumbing repairs on your own may save money initially, but it will often end up costing you more in the end. Instead of wasting your weekend watching videos on how to fix that plumbing problem, leave it to our professionals for the best results.
  • Mistake #3—Although some products claim they’re “flushable” on the label, this doesn’t mean you should put them in your toilet. To avoid clogs and problems with your plumbing system, only flush toilet paper and make sure everyone else living in your home does the same.
  • Mistake #4 – Waiting too long to fix a plumbing problem can result in wasted water and additional problems with your system. As soon as you notice a leak or any other type of issue with your system, call us for help. We even offer emergency plumbing service for those unexpected situations.