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figure out how to stop that leaky faucet as soon as possible

That constant “drip, drip, drip” coming from a faucet is something that none of us wants to hear on a regular basis, especially at night when we are trying to sleep! If you have a leaky faucet somewhere in your house, the chances are good that you both know about it and want to figure out how to stop that leaky faucet as soon as possible. Even the smallest of leaks can affect more than just your ability to concentrate when it’s quiet, but can also affect how much you spend on water every year while your water drips needlessly down the drain. If you have a leaky faucet, let us here at On-Deck Plumbing help you stop that leak.

When it comes to fixing your leaky faucet, you need to have a rudimentary knowledge of plumbing and fixtures in order to even attempt this task on your own. Otherwise you could end up with issues that are worse than a leaky faucet. Turn off the water to your faucet before you attempt to make any repairs. Removing the handles and checking or replacing cartridges and washers are usually enough to stop a small leak. For larger ones or if the above repairs didn’t stanch the flow of water, then you should consider calling in a qualified professional like ours here at On-Deck Plumbing.

If a leaking faucet is keeping you up at night or you are tired of wasting water and also wasting money, please contact us here today at On-Deck Plumbing.