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call a 24-hour plumber

You call a 24-hour plumber because you need someone to help you out with a plumbing problem quickly. How can you make sure you get the help you need? After you make the call to a 24-hour plumber, there are things you can do to make sure your plumber is able to tackle the issue without a problem.

  • Make sure you know what happened. When your 24-hour plumber arrives, they’re going to ask you a series of questions, like when you first noticed the problem, the nature of the problem, and what you’ve done to try and fix the issue. Try to find out these answers before the plumber arrives, so they can quickly evaluate what needs to be done.
  • Clear out the work area. Make room for the plumber to work before they arrive at your home. For example, if the problem is with your kitchen plumbing, you may want to move your kitchen table or move any rugs out of the way.
  • Keep pets and children away. When your plumber is trying to work, they need as few interruptions as possible. While your plumber may love pets and kids, try to keep them out of the work area while your plumber is doing their job.
  • Let the plumber know about any other problems. If there’s anything else wrong with your plumbing, let your plumber know while they’re at your house. They may be able to fix minor issues right then and there that could turn into major issues later on.