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A water heater is something that we all use daily! Whether to get a nice, hot shower or to use for cleaning dishes and clothing, we require warm water for many different things. Keeping your water heater maintained is a great way to ensure a consistent supply of warm water. Here are a few tips you can use for water heater maintenance:

  • Watch the temperature! While you want hot water, choose a safe temperature! 120 degrees is ideal for both efficiency and to decrease the chance of scalding yourself in overly hot water.
  • Give it some room. Water heaters need a little bit of space. Make sure there is at least 2 feet of space around your water heater for ideal operation.

Follow These Tips for Better Water Heater Maintenance! [infographic]

  • Consider a water softener for your water. Water heater maintenance is greatly served by preventative techniques, such as water softeners. Water softeners work to decrease the number of sediments and buildup that can gather in your water heater piping.
  • Don’t neglect water heater maintenance checks. This is critical! If you have a water heater, keep it running safely and smoothly with water heater maintenance checks.
  • Pay special attention to the pressure and temperature valve (PT valve). Your pressure and temperature valve is meant to be replaced regularly. Do this every 2-3 years.
  • Upgrade when needed. Don’t continue to run a water heater that is woefully inefficient. Instead, consider smart upgrades that will give you better efficiency!

Here at On-Deck Plumbing, we would love to help you with all your water heater needs, including water heater maintenance. We hope these tips have been helpful for you and your water heater maintenance needs.