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Becoming a new homeowner is exciting process. If you recently bought your first home, congratulations! Now, we want to let you in on a few essential plumbing tips to keep your home’s system up and running without a problem:

  • Figure out where your main water valve is—In case of emergency, you need to know where your main water valve is so you can shut off the water to your home. Make sure you know where it is soon after you move into your new house just in case a plumbing problem catches you by surprise.
  • Don’t use drain cleaners—Products that claim to clear up clogs from your drains include harmful chemicals that eat away at your pipes and plumbing system over time. Stay away from these at all possible, and if you do end up with a serious clog, call us for help instead.
  • Take care of leaks quicklyNot only do chronic leaks waste water, but they can also cause damage to your flooring, ceiling, and other parts of your home. Do your wallet and the environment a favor by taking care of plumbing leaks soon after you notice them.
  • Only put toilet paper down the toilet—The only thing you should flush down the toilet is toilet paper.  Sanitary napkins, “flushable” wipes, cigarette butts, diapers, floss, and anything else is harmful to your plumbing system. The bottom line: Don’t treat your toilet like a trashcan, and your plumbing system will thank you.