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a clogged toilet is an inevitable encounter

There’s nothing worse than a clogged toilet, especially if you only have one toilet in your home. Unfortunately, a clogged toilet is an inevitable encounter, but you can make clogs happen less often by following these guidelines from our plumbing pros.

  • First, use a mild cleaner to clean your toilet on a regular basis. We recommend using vinegar, baking soda, or a mild soap. Not only do regular cleanings make your bathroom smell better, but giving your toilet a thorough cleaning can also help you spot leaks that need professional attention.
  • Second, never, ever use a chemical drain cleaner to get rid of a clogged toilet. Start by using a plunger to see if you can move the clog along. If this doesn’t work, you need to have one of our professionals come in to help you out, as the clog could be larger than you think.
  • Third, teach your children how to treat the toilet in your bathroom. For kids, the toilet can seem like a fun toy, but flushing objects is a recipe for disaster. Make sure your kids know what can and can’t go into the toilet!

Fourth and finally, don’t ever be afraid to call a plumber in to help you out, especially if you feel like you’ve tried everything or there’s nothing else you can do. At On-Deck Plumbing, our plumbers are always available to help you deal with a clogged toilet and give you advice for preventing issues down the line. Call us today!