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Water Heater RepairIt seems that we have grown accustomed these days to replacing anything that is giving us trouble. It’s not your fault if you think that immediately because so many things today are built to be more costly to repair than to replace. It is only natural then to think you need to replace your water heater if it isn’t working properly. However, there are a number of problems your system could have where water heater repair is possible, and where the repair process will save you money:

No hot water – This could be everything from a cost-free situation of resetting a circuit breaker to a regular water heater repair issue. The main culprits are the thermostat, limit switch, and heating element. A minor issue could be a loose wire. Other than the heating element, which can be costly depending on the type of water heater, you will find water heater repair the way to go. If the elements for your water heater are affordable, water heater repair might still be possible.

Insufficient hot water – Many of the issues revolving around not having hot water can be the causes for insufficient hot water as well. In addition, the dip tube could be causing your lack of enough hot water. So, again, it could be a minor water heater repair and careful diagnostics is needed to make the determination. The same is true if the water is too hot.

Long reheat time– This is usually either a thermostat issue, lower element problem, or sediment buildup in the bottom of the tank. In many cases, a good flushing will resolve this issue, but if your water heater is quite old and has not been flushed for a number of years, this could result in more problems.

Discolored or smelly water – These can be caused by scale buildup or bacteria in the water heater tank. Flushing can sometimes resolve odor, but if you have scale this will need to be cleaned. If the water is rusty, it is usually because the anode rods, which keep the tank from rusting, have dissolved and need to be replaced.

Water heater is leaking – Most of the time, this is the end of your water heater, unfortunately, and replacement is the only option. However, if it is leaking by the pressure relief valve, this is something that could be repaired.