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Clogged Toilet? You Might Be Using the Wrong Plunger
Plumbers are very used to dealing with issues that we actively try to avoid, things like snaking drains or unclogging a toilet. When you call a plumber, you are getting an experienced expert who knows how to solve common issues like these as well as take care of uncommon issues like faucet installation and plumbing replacement problems. If you find yourself consistently with a clogged toilet and can’t get it taken care of, the issue might not be with your toilet, but with your plunger.

At some point, we all go out and buy a plunger to go with our new apartment or home. However, something that we rarely are told before striking out on our own is that the stereotypical plunger that we see in cartoons or frequently is the wrong type of plunger for the toilet. You know the one- it has a wooden handle and a red, flat rubber semi-circle. This plunger is actually used for unclogging sinks and drains, since the flat bottom creates a nice seal on the bottom of a shower or kitchen sink.

Creating a seal is essential for a plunger to work, since the suction is what moves the clog until it can be flushed. For a toilet, you need to find a plunger that has more of a flange to it in order to get that tight seal. It should look like there is a cylinder about the size of a drinking glass attached to a larger semi-circle. This will create the seal that you need for proper plunging of a clogged toilet.

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