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Bathroom Plumbing: The Basics

When you think of plumbing, one of the first rooms in the home that comes to mind is your bathroom.  Bathroom plumbing is an essential to every home and business.  If you are a home and/or business owner and are looking to learn a bit more about bathroom plumbing, you are in the right place!  Below, our experts here at On-Deck Plumbing have outlined the basic, need-to-know bathroom plumbing information.

First off, everyone knows that bathroom plumbing deals with getting water where it needs to be to complete necessary daily tasks (including washing your hands, drawing a bath, taking a shower, and flushing the toilet). Because water is key to bathroom plumbing, it is important to first identify where your water source is, your water quality, your water pressure, your water temperature, and where to shut off your water in case of an emergency.

Next, familiarize yourself with the different bathroom plumbing mechanisms in your bathroom and what the common bathroom plumbing issues are for each item.  See a basic breakdown below:

  • Toilet:  Common toilet issues include the toilet running, the bowl emptying slowly, and toilet clogs.
  • Shower: Common shower issues include poor water pressure, a clogged shower drain, a leaky shower faucet, foul odors and noisy shower pipes.
  • Sink: Common sink issues include a clogged sink drain, a leaky faucet and/or pipe.

If you experience issues with your bathroom plumbing, and are looking for some help, give us a call at On-Deck Plumbing. We can assist you with all of your bathroom plumbing needs!