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Advice from Your Plumbing Contractor: Easy Ways to Prevent Clogs

As a plumbing contractor, some of the most common plumbing issues we fix are clogged sinks, toilets, and tubs. A plumbing clog is something that could happen at your home at any time. Although dealing with a clog at some point is almost inevitable, there are still things you can do to prevent plumbing clogs in your home.

As your plumbing contractor, we want to help you avoid clogs from becoming an ongoing issue in your home. Here are some of our top tips for preventing clogged drains and fixtures:

  • Only flush toilet paper and human waste down your toilet. You never want to put anything that isn’t water-soluble in your toilet, so avoid flushing items like wipes, paper towels, menstrual products, bandages, contact lenses, and dental floss.
  • Did you know that hair is the most common cause of plumbing clogs? Prevent it from getting into your plumbing by putting mesh drain screens on all your showers and tubs.
  • When you use your kitchen sink, never dump fats, oils, or grease down into it. These substances, which are commonly referred to as “FOG,” can harden in your pipes and cause major blockages that are difficult to get rid of.

If you need professional assistance with a stubborn plumbing clog, or if you need help taking care of any other plumbing problems, don’t hesitate to contact us at On-Deck Plumbing. We’re proud to be your go-to plumbing contractor, and we’re here to help in any way we can.