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We’ve seen our fair share of plumbing disasters as an experienced plumber over the years.

We’ve drawn from this experience and have put together our top four tips for keeping your plumbing in good shape, so you can prevent inconvenient plumbing emergencies.

1. Know Where Your Main Shut-off Source Is- As a plumber, we work with many people who have no idea where the main shut-off source to their home’s water is. If this is you, spend a few minutes locating this valve so if you ever run into a situation where a pipe or appliance breaks, you can shut off your home’s water quickly and minimize damage.

2. Small Drips Can Waste Tons of Water- Even tiny drips can waste up to eight gallons of water a day. When you see your kitchen or bathroom sink dripping, don’t ignore it– do something about it! Not only is this good for the planet, but it’s good for your wallet, too, since you’re paying for all of that wasted water.

3. Even “Flushable” Wet Wipes Shouldn’t be Flushed- Even though “flushable” is on many cosmetic products today, that doesn’t mean you should believe this phrase. As your plumber, we want you to know that the only product you should be flushing is toilet paper.

4. Get Your Water Heater Flushed Every Year- Most water heaters last about 10 years before they need to be replaced. You can ensure yours makes it to this 10-year mark (or even longer) by having us come in and flush out your water heater on an annual basis.