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4 Things Your Plumber Wants You to Know

Did you know there are things you can do to help out your plumber? It’s true– you can help your plumber out by doing and not doing certain things in your home. By doing your part at home, you can save your plumber from a lot of difficult work. Here at On-Deck Plumbing, our plumbers appreciate any effort you put into making their jobs easier. So with that in mind, here are four things we want you to know:

  1. The Area Under Your Sink is Not a Good Storage Space- The space under your sink is a standard storage place for cleaning supplies for most people. However, we would prefer you store them elsewhere. Your drain trap is the curved part of your plumbing under your sink, and when you move your cleaning supplies around or pack it all in under there, you could dislodge the drain trap and cause a leak.
  2. Know How to Turn Off Your Water- Burst pipes and flooding can happen at any time, and it is important to know how to turn off your water supply. If you don’t know where all the shut-off valves are around your house, you will have extensive water damage on your hands.
  3. Do Not Flush Any Type of Wipe- You do not want to flush anything but toilet paper and human waste down your toilet. Even so-called “flushable” wipes should not be flushed. If you flush something you’re not supposed to, you could cause significant damage to your toilet and septic or sewer line.
  4. Your Garbage Disposal is Not a Garbage Can- It is easy to swipe leftover food into your garbage disposal and think nothing of it. However, garbage disposals are not meant to handle large amounts of food. They are only meant to handle smaller pieces of food that fall off your plate when you rinse it. If you clog your garbage disposal, there is a good chance you could break it.

We appreciate any effort you put into making our jobs easier. If you are experiencing any plumbing issues, give us a call today.