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3 Warning Signs You May Need Faucet Repair

Our team at On-Deck Plumbing knows you care about your home or business, and we want to help you keep your building’s plumbing in great condition. We have extensive experience in the plumbing industry, and we offer a wide range of services to address any problem your system may develop.

In this article, we will focus on faucets specifically, going over a few warning signs that may indicate you need faucet repair services.

  • Leaks – One clear sign that you need faucet repair services is if your fixture is leaking or dripping. If water continues to drip from any part of your faucet when the tap is shut, we encourage you to give us a call right away. Failing to address this problem promptly can cause more serious damage over time, and it will unnecessarily waste water as well.
  • Spitting – If water flows out of your faucet right away in a smooth stream, then your faucet is probably fine. However, if the water takes a moment to get going, spits or hisses, or has interruptions to the flow, then we recommend giving us a call to have our technicians check it out.
  • Rust Spots or Mineral Deposits – Lastly, you probably need faucet repair services if there are spots of rust or mineral deposits on its surface. It’s possible to remove these damaging stains yourself if you catch them early enough, but for more extensive staining, you should call our team. In some cases, the rust or minerals may have damaged your faucet to the point where it must be replaced.